Nvidia RTX 3090

We know that NVIDIA’s Ampere graphics card is coming. Specs, release date is not officially known but rumors, lack of leaks but not at all. NVIDIA does not want to be at any risk with RDNA2, at least looking at the leaked specs, it seems so because a lot more aggressive specs have come out at different times. Find out more about NVIDIA’s Ampere Architecture 3000 series graphics card! But this is not RTX 3080,3080Ti! This is RTX 3090 !!!!! New old and different rumors, leaks are being discussed today.

RTX 3090 is coming according to the source of ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ on YouTube. He also insisted that the images leaked on RTX 3080’s ChipHale website be “real”.

Nvidia RTX 3090

It is already known that the AMPERE series does not have a USB Type-C port, which means that the Virtual Link is also coming to an end. According to the leak, it is also being speculated that we are going to see a big change in the clock speed. The GA102 chipset is likely to be RTX 3080TI or 3090 or both.

According to the leak, power usage rose to 230 watts when the clock speed was 2.5Ghz. And the more amazing information is that this GPU will be 10-15% faster than the previous samples.Nvidia RTX 3090

According to Moores Law is dead, it can be 80-90% faster than the TU102 or RTX 2080ti.

Note that a few days ago but we also learned that the RTX 3060 graphics card could be far ahead of the 2080ti by a much larger margin. That means it will be very powerful. TSMC’s 7nm node is rumored to be used.

There are a bunch of other news as well, such as the current generation (TURING) GPUs are going to be up to 75% faster than the 3000 series graphics cards. And up to 50% more performance can be achieved by using half the amount of TURING power.

We have already received some leaked specifications in May:


GA102 – 84 SMs / 5376 CUDA cores / 12GB GDDR6 / 384-bit bus – 40% faster than RTX 2080 Ti
GA103 – 60 SMs / 3840 CUDA cores / 10GB GDDR6 / 320-bit bus – 10% faster than RTX 2080 Ti
GA104 – 48 SMs / 3072 CUDA cores / 8GB GDDR6 / 256-bit bus – 5% slower than RTX 2080 Ti

NVIDIA Ampere GA100 (RTX 3080 Ti)

CUDA cores: up to 8192
RT Cores: up to 256
Tensor Cores: up to 1024
GPU Boost clock: 1750MHz
GDDR6 speed: 16Gbps
Launch: Q4 2020

NVIDIA Ampere GA103 (RTX 3080)

CUDA cores: up to 4608
RT Cores: up to 144
Tensor Cores: up to 576
GPU Boost clock: 2000MHz
GDDR6 speed: 16Gbps
Launch: Q3 2020

NVIDIA Ampere GA103 (RTX 3070)

CUDA cores: up to 3584
RT Cores: up to 112
Tensor Cores: up to 448
GPU Boost clock: 1900MHz
GDDR6 speed: 16Gbps
Launch: Q3 2020

NVIDIA Ampere GA104 (RTX 3060)

CUDA cores: up to 2560
RT Cores: up to 80
Tensor Cores: up to 320
GPU Boost clock: 2000MHz
GDDR6 speed: 16Gbps
Launch: Q1 2021

Source: Tweakdown , Moore’s Law Is Dead

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